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On its websites, Swiss Account Services S.A. makes a wealth of content available for your access, such as, for example, service information, assessments, bond price information and corporate news.

The content which can be accessed via swiss-account-services.com is made available to you for information purposes only and may not be wholly or partially duplicated, distributed to other persons or published. Said content, in particular also service information, elaborations/publications or assessments relating to securities and other financial instruments serve information purposes only, and constitutes neither an individual investment recommendation nor any form of invitation to subscribe or any form of offer to purchase or sell securities or other financial instruments. Said content is merely intended to make it easier for the user to make an independent decision on investment, and does not and is not intended to replace personal consultancy on investments and the suitability thereof for the investor in question. The only legally binding document relating to new issues and investment bonds is the respective prospectus.

Whilst having obtained and provided the information for you with the utmost care, Swiss Account Services S.A. nevertheless provides no guarantee as to the correctness/completeness, up-to-dateness, accuracy and availability of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (“CSE”) and economic information, exchange rates, prices, indexes, general market data, evaluations, assessments, estimates and all of the other content held ready for your access. This also applies to content which has been provided by third parties. Assessments and evaluations reflect the opinions of the respective authors as at the time of their preparation, and might have become outdated by the time you access them as result of developments taking place in the meantime or might have changed in some other way without the furnished assessments, evaluations, representations and information having been changed or earmarked for change.

Content furnished by or which reflects the opinions of third parties does not necessarily chime with the views of Swiss Account Services S.A. and might even be contrary thereto. The data and facts given in connection with service information in particular serve illustrative purposes only and do not provide any representation whatsoever as to future gains or losses.

The investments introduced on the website of Swiss Account Services S.A. are not admitted for sale in all countries of the world, especially NOT for U.S. citizens. Therefore it is essential that you read the following details carefully:

Please notice that the net investment value of any managed investment can rise as well as fall, and is usually subject to fluctuations. Therefore, a positive development in the past is not a guaranty for a positive development in the future. Positive performance figures in the past can give no guaranty for future performance. Investments in foreign currency can also be liable to currency fluctuations.
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