Vienna Stock Exchange

Admission and Listing Procedures for the Regulated Markets or Inclusion in the MTF (Third Market).

Wiener Börse is one of the world’s oldest exchanges and was founded in 1771 during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria in order to provide a market for state issued bonds.

Today, the Vienna Stock Exchange operates the only securities exchange in Austria as well as the Energy Exchange Austria, EXAA, and the CEGH Gas Exchange of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

It provides trading infrastructure (XETRA and EUREX), market data and information to ensure the execution of stock exchange transactions and facilitate the interaction among all market participants.

The core business of the exchange is the operation of a cash market (equity market, bond market), a futures market as well as a market for trading in structured products.

On Wiener Börse, the admission to listing or inclusion in trading (MTF) of bonds and issuance programs is characterized by fast procedures and low fees. In case an issuance program is admitted on Wiener Börse single bonds issued under the program will be listed / included without admission / inclusion procedure. Trading in the bonds may start two days after Wiener Börse has received the bond terms.

The following steps towards a listing are necessary, which are serviced by us:


For admission to a regulated market a prospectus is a fundamental requirement. The Stock Exchange Act (§ 75 para 2 Stock Exchange Act) provides, with reference to the capital market law, however, some exemptions from the prospectus requirement, which are listed below:

Bonds issued by credit institutions from Austria or EEA Member States, continuous or repeated, provided they meet the following criteria bonds:


Admission to the Official Market or Regulated Market are possible in the previous cases without Prospectus.
Wiener Börse decides on applications for admission to listing or inclusion in trading of Performance Linked Bonds within a few days. Trading in the bonds may start two days after admission has been granted or inclusion has been completed.
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