What Are Performance Linked Bonds?

Performance Linked Bonds appear under the following names. All these names mean one and the same: Performance Linked Note, Fund Linked Note, Hedge Fund Linked Note, Portfolio Linked Note, Linked Securities, Linked Notes.

Performance Linked Bonds listed on the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange are offered through an Information Memorandum and by a separate document which is called the Terms & Conditions of the Bond. Performance Linked Bonds listed on the Emerging Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange are offered through an Admission Documents that includes also the Terms & Conditions of the Bond. Before admission of a bond these documents must be entered for admission with the stock exchange, which contain the objective of the bond, the use of its proceeds and the bond`s terms & conditions.


The Performance Linked Bond as Portfolio Linked Note (main industry usage)

Here follows a description of how the bond listing and the proceeds of the bond listing are going to be used to create a Performance Linked Bond Issue, this particular case is sometimes called Portfolio Linked Note in the industry:

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